The following pages provide all the information you'll need to organise yourself to arrive on time and at the correct exam venue, as well as all-important exam rules.

Dates for exams

Key dates for the exam periods at Gifu-city.

Timetable for exams

Find the date, time and location of your exams.

Rules and policy

Your obligations: what you must and must not do in exams

What you can take into an exam

Includes what calculators you can use.

Location, maps and transport

Find a map to your exam room and see bus services for an easy way to get to your exam.

Supplementary exams

A supplementary exam may be awarded to students for the reasons outlined here.

Exams for students of other institutions

Information on exams held at Gifu-city for students of other institutions.

Contacts and FAQs

Contact the Exams Team or see answers to frequently asked questions.

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